AKA – a modern service provider with decades of experience

AKA offers its finance partners various services. As an experienced specialist in export finance, AKA possesses expert knowledge allowing it to support finance projects particularly efficiently. These services include agency and administration functions for ECA-covered export finance. The participating syndicate banks can additionally use a B2B portal giving them digital access to all relevant data.

AKA in the agent role: experienced, efficient and competent

AKA offers its finance partners a series of different forms of cooperation. Experienced teams are available to perform agency and administration tasks, ensuring efficient and reliable processes including the preparation of the loan documentation as well as loan payments and repayments.

AKA as an agent

Documentation agent

AKA prepares and negotiates the loan contract between the borrower and the finance partners.

Facility agent

After the contract has been signed, AKA assumes all administrative tasks.

ECA agent

AKA requests and handles ECA covers.

CIRR agent

AKA acts as the communications interface between the borrower, the syndicate banks and the representative of the ERP export finance program for CIRR finance.

Administration of Paris Club rescheduling

AKA handles all administrative tasks arising in connection with the handling of Paris Club rescheduling for ECA-covered finance with public-sector creditors.

AKA has already managed more than 6,500 Hermes-covered export finance contracts

B2B portal: faster, more convenient, digital

With the B2B portal, AKA offers participating syndicate banks a special service. This online service offers access to all relevant data which is updated daily and is important for the current business relationship.

In addition to data on loan participations, the B2B portal provides automatically generated settlement letters, evaluations and balance confirmations for inspection, printing and downloading. On request, notification is sent by e-mail whenever new correspondence is received.

Additionally, the portal includes general information such as a list of the relevant contact partners or AKA’s current directory of signatures.

Click here to enter the B2B portal.


If you like to register for the online services, please contact our staff.

Our team will be pleased to provide you with more information on the scope and possibilities of working together.

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