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AKA cooperation with banks

As a specialised institution, AKA cooperates with other banks on a partnership basis. It does not maintain any direct customer relations with export companies. Trust and cooperation have top priority for AKA.


AKA Dialogue

Network or platform? Both. Beyond its operating business, AKA acts as a networking platform for discussing and developing questions of basic interest in the context of international trade finance. Market participants are welcome to network with AKA and to share their knowledge and experience.


AKA’s business figures for 2022

Despite the continuous challenging market environment AKA impressed with strategic growth-orientation in 2022. With its record volumes, the bank is strengthening its resilient business model. Find out more within the annual report 2022.


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10 steps to ECA-covered export finance


Our ECA services: from standardised products to customized solutions

The world is constantly changing. This is leading to a permanent change in global requirements of goods and services. Financing has top priority particularly when it comes to global exports. AKA has been specialising in export finance for 70 years, focussing on the emerging markets. 

AKA is constantly enhancing its range of services. At the same time, it never loses sight of the specific needs of banks, exporters, importers and investors. AKA finances exports from all over Europe steadily expanding its business relations with the European export credit agencies (ECAs) and opening up part of its service range to all banks.

In the case of Small Ticket ECA finance, the AKA SmaTiX portal enables German exporters to obtain fast and easy indicative financing offers for export transactions in the Small-Ticket-range. AKA is increasingly also participating in large-scale ECA-covered project finance from European sources. However, business in ECA-covered finance is and will remain the basis for all other developments.

ECA-covered Small Tickets

Small Tickets pose various challenges for many banks. AKA can offer standardised and easy-to-handle financing solutions for Small Ticket transactions with its digital solution SmaTiX, a portal offering fully digitalised applications with transparent and comprehensible entry criteria.


ECA-covered finance

AKA was founded in 1952 as a specialised institution for ECA-covered finance. Since then, it has been addressing the entire range of ECA finance – from Small Ticket transactions to participations in large-scale project finance, helping banks to broaden their scope.


ECA-covered project finance

AKA also participates in finance for large projects, specifically ECA-covered tranches as well as non-covered tranches on a quota basis. In most cases, special-purpose entities act as the borrower. Therefore, AKA also supports cash flow-based export finance.


Strong network within the European trade finance market

Our ECA-business in Europe: AKA is offering you long-standing expertise concerning business processing with European export-credit insurers.

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AKA Dialogue

Written in the style of a magazine, AKA shares its experience gained in 70 years of working in international trade finance. AKA Dialogue provides information on important trade finance questions as well as all the event formats organised by AKA. Here, AKA publishes as a networking platform for the trade finance industry.


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