ECA-covered Small Tickets

The world is in a constant state of flux and with it, global requirements for goods and services. Especially financing for exports to emerging markets is increasingly growing in importance. AKA has been specialising in export finance for more than 65 years, constantly adjusting its product portfolio in line with changing market conditions.

Direct credits possible

Small Tickets and assistance for their financing

AKA offers the possibility of granting buyer credits directly to foreign customers for export transactions starting at EUR/USD 1 million without the need to involve any bank in the buyer’s own country. The high administrative resource requirements for such transactions often appear to be an insurmountable obstacle. Then there are the regulatory requirements which also must be observed.

AKA systematically removes such obstacles in order to support exporters even more effectively. An important step towards achieving this goal has already been taken: AKA is currently testing a standardised tool for obtaining indicative prices and for requesting buyer credits for orders with a value of up to EUR/USD 10 million. The process is completely digital, hence particularly convenient.

Financing of orders with a value of EUR/USD 1 million or more is available solely for export transactions that meet the defined standard conditions. The range of services available on standard conditions is characterized by lean and efficient processes. The advantage is that by adhering to transparent and plausible criteria it is possible to generate indicative finance conditions immediately and free of any complications.

The main standard conditions at a glance:


  • Order value between EUR/USD 1 million and 10 million
  • Selected countries
  • Repayments in up to 10 equal semi-annual installments
  • Up to 2 disbursements pro rata delivery within a defined drawdown period
  • Services worth maximum 10 % of total contract value may be financed
  • Hermes costs included in financing

If the standard conditions for Small Tickets are not met, AKA examines the case in the light of its individual merits.


Starting the test phase for the AKA credit enquiry tool

Using the credit enquiry tool, approved exporters will be able to submit online requests for the financing of export transactions up to EUR/USD 10 million in the future. The exporter will be guided through the request process quickly and conveniently via a series of straight-forward questions. He will then immediately receive an answer to his request.

Supplemented with further functions, the tool will be a central platform for handling export finance in the Small Ticket segment:

  • Management and documentation of own Small Ticket requests
  • Up- and download of necessary forms
  • Automated updates on the status of the request

The prototype credit enquiry tool is about to enter the market testing phase. Initially, it will only be available to a limited number of users.

“I am already a test user”:

You can access our credit enquiry tool from here in the near future.

“I am not a test user but am an interested exporter”:

Register with us, stating your e-mail address so that we can send you an invitation in due course.

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