Small Ticket Buyer Credits

AKA Ausfuhrkredit-Gesellschaft mbH (AKA) offers a highly standardised, digital application process for ECA-covered buyer credits from 1 million EUR or USD via its self-developed online portal SmaTiX (Small Ticket Express).

As a renowned expert on Export Finance, AKA provides the ideal digital solution for its clients and partners, hence closing the gap for Small Ticket ECA-covered financing.

The AKA Small Ticket Success Factors

1. Four steps to financing indications

With SmaTiX, exporters place their financing requests online, in just four simple steps and with clearly defined entry criteria. The exporter receives immediate feedback on his request and – if certain conditions are met – a financing indication can be provided even in real time. A clear advantage for the exporter: he can present his customer with a financing solution within the shortest possible time. Thanks to the fully functional interface between SmaTiX and click&cover from Euler Hermes, exporters can have their data exchanged between both applications.

2. Cash upon delivery

The exporter receives his export proceeds straight after fulfilment of his contractual delivery obligations – as if he had agreed with his buyer on cash payment terms – directly out of the AKA buyer credit. The 5% residual risk remains fully on the books of AKA.

3. Optimally tuned to customer demands

The buyer obtains a financing whose repayment period matches the life cycle of his investment. This kind of financing solutions would often not be available locally. Thanks to the ECA-cover, loans may be extended at attractive conditions also to buyers in challenging countries. In many cases, such a matching financing solution is vital for making a business transaction happen at all.

SmaTiX is available for exports ...

  • with contract values between 1 and 10 million EUR or USD
  • to more than 60 countries around the globe
  • with financing tenors of 3 years or longer

SmaTiX features ...

  • administration and documentation of own financing requests
  • upload and download functionality for all the necessary forms
  • automated status updates

AKA – the “better Fintech”?

High-level expertise in digitisation – combined with a successful track record of more than 65 years in international export and trade finance – that’s AKA! For exporters in search for buyer credits’ state-of-the-art solutions, AKA might well be the ideal partner and the one one-stop-shop. From first enquiry to credit disbursement, AKA has got it covered.


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Armin Wittemer


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Sabine Vigneron

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Export & Agency Finance

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Angie Dorschel

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