Our cooperation with European ECAs

AKA can look back on long-standing cooperation with European export credit agencies (ECAs) based on a spirit of mutual trust. In its domestic German market, AKA has been working with Euler Hermes for years, something that is reflected in the more than 6,500 requests for cover placed with Euler Hermes.

Close cooperation with export credit agencies on a transparent and sustainable basis

Established as a specialised export finance bank, AKA can look back on 70 years of experience with ECA-covered finance. Transparency and sustainability form the basis of these partnerships. AKA contributes this expertise to its joint activities with all European ECAs. Basic agreements have been signed with numerous borrowers in various countries available for finance with cover provided by different ECAs.


You can find out more about basic agreements here.


The shareholder banks

With its shareholder structure, AKA offers a unique platform for export finance – in Germany in particular, AKA maintains close business relations with all export-financing banks.

You can find out more about our shareholder banks here.


The AKA network

With its close contacts and partnerships based on a spirit of mutual trust with numerous participants in the export finance sector, AKA has extensive insight into the practical requirements and questions raised by ECA-covered finance. It performs forum activities on legal questions relating to international finance. AKA contributes its expertise to the Interministerial Committee of the Federal Republic of Germany in an advisory function. The Interministerial Committee takes basic decisions and approves cover under the export credit guarantee scheme of the Federal Republic of Germany. Led by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Interministerial Committee comprises representatives of the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

AKA maintains close contacts with numerous ECAs around Europe to optimise processes and to expand services for exporters seeking ECA-covered finance. This dialogue is continuously supplemented with various events, internal seminars and talks.

You can find out more about the AKA network here.


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