Opt for investing in stability. We are your partner.
Opt for investing in stability. We are your partner.

Investor Relations – achieving solid growth together

As a European export and trade bank, AKA is active in more than 70 countries around the world. It is a reliable partner to its customers in its role as a specialised institution for export finance – expanding steadily and solidly. AKA continues to operate in its segment in close cooperation with you. For this reason, we keep you posted here on all the latest developments.


Strong funding network in the European trade finance market

Within its core business, AKA works with the funding arms of a number of European ECAs. With this international footprint, these partnerships are continuously growing and steadily increasing in number.

Key documents for investors

Business reports

AKA has been specialising in export finance for more than 65 years, something that is reflected in its business reports.

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KYC documents

Your potential investment is in good hands with us. Valuable information can be found in the KYC documents.

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Current financials

Business performance in EUR million

Here you can find further information on AKA’s business performance

Annual report

AKA shareholder banks


Funding sources

AKA is a member of the deposit guarantee fund. The guarantee limit currently stands at EUR 48.42 million.

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Highlight transaction with an international investor

A USD-denominated transaction (EUR 155 million) was funded via an international investor in November 2017 for the first time in AKA’s history. This transaction marks a milestone which will broaden the bank’s future scope for ECA-covered finance.


Development in EUR million

Solid equity resources

We already meet future regulatory requirements on a solid basis thanks to our strong equity ratio.

Diversified credit risks

The credit risks remain strong thanks to low default rates in connection with consistent broad diversification.

Address rating as of December 2018 – long-term in EUR million

Our contacts on the subject of treasury:

Jens-Christian Meier
Jens-Christian Meier


Head of Treasury

+49 (0) 69 29891 - 201

Alexis Plan
Alexis Plan

Vice President


+49 (0) 69 29891 - 104