Opt for investing in stability. We are your partner.
Opt for investing in stability. We are your partner.

Investor Relations – achieving solid growth together

As a European export and trade bank, AKA is active in more than 70 countries around the world. It is a reliable partner to its customers in its role as a specialised institution for export finance – expanding steadily and solidly. AKA continues to operate in its segment in close cooperation with you. For this reason, we keep you posted here on all the latest developments.


Strong funding network in the European trade finance market

Within its core business, AKA works with the funding arms of a number of European ECAs. With this international footprint, these partnerships are continuously growing and steadily increasing in number.

Key documents for investors

Business reports

AKA has been specialising in export finance for 70 years, something that is reflected in its business reports.

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KYC documents

Your potential investment is in good hands with us. Valuable information can be found in the KYC documents.

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Acting sustainably

Sustainability and matching ESG criteria are becoming increasingly important and have already been an important part of AKA’s activities for a long time.

Especially in the main business area of Export Finance, the export credit insurances (ECA) have had strict rules for years now. Clearly defined criteria stand above granting loans, which are summarized in the so-called "OECD-consensus". Since 1978, the consensus has established consistent minimum standards for export credits, supported by federal export credit agancies or by financing from public funds. Governance and sustainability have therefore been the focus of international cooperation for a long time.

For this reason federal export credit agencies and refinancing banks have also agreed in the OECD to determine standard procedures that go beyond mere financing conditions and many of the "green criteria" currently used in the market. These are so-called "Common Approaches" for taking environmental and social aspects into account in publicly supported export credits.

We are convinced: The financial sector can be in a leading position transforming global trade towards sustainability. In its position paper AKA describes activities being implemented to contribute to a more sustainable world.


Current financials

Business performance in EUR million

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Annual report

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Funding sources

AKA is a member of the deposit guarantee fund.

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AKA establishes itself on the capital market

Since the start of capital market activities in 2016, a total of more than EUR 750 million has been raised. This development shows the strong confidence of investors in AKA. AKA has been able to steadily establish new business relationships, particularly in the areas of insurance companies, health and pension funds, bank treasuries and local authorities.



EUR million since the start of capital market activities 2016

Development in EUR million

Solid equity resources

We already meet future regulatory requirements on a solid basis thanks to our strong equity ratio.

Our contacts on the subject of treasury:

Jens-Christian Meier
Jens-Christian Meier


Head of Treasury

+49 (0) 69 29891 - 201

Marvin Riedel
Marvin Riedel


Team Head of Funding

+49 (0) 69 29891 - 151