ECA-covered project finance

AKA also supports project finance solutions – in segments such as energy, plant engineering or manufacturing

In addition to conventional ECA-covered buyer credits based on the credit rating of corporates or banks as borrowers, structures in which the borrower is usually a special purpose vehicle established for this purpose also play an important role in export finance. In this case, the resulting risk is applied to the project cash flow required to repay the loan.



AKA participates in finance for European-sourced projects

Project finance structures are increasingly used for large-scale investments in the energy sector, the manufacturing industry and general plant engineering.

For this reason, AKA also participates in debt finance for European-sourced projects on competitive terms as a means of supporting the export sector. The main focus is on participation in project finance comprising large ECA-covered tranches. In addition, AKA may also participate in accompanying non-covered tranches. The periods offered are mostly based on the possible durations of the ECA cover. Financing is normally denominated in EUR or USD.


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