Broaden your scope. We think and act as supporters.

Broadening scope for business through partnership

AKA is a specialised bank for international trade finance. It has been cooperating with various market participants as partners for 70 years. Joint activities with banks, exporters, importers, investors and the European export credit agencies are the indispensable determinants for the success of AKA’s business model.

AKA is synonymous with expertise and cooperation

Cooperation with banks

AKA is a specialised bank, supporting other banks on a partnership basis. It does not maintain any direct customer relations with export companies. Trust and cooperation have top priority for AKA.

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Cooperation with exporters

AKA provides financing for ECA-covered exports covering a large number of countries. Exporters are able to benefit from 70 years of experience in export finance and a broad network of international ECAs and banks.

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Cooperation with Euler Hermes

Founded in 1952 in Frankfurt am Main, AKA can look back on a long-standing partnership with Euler Hermes based on a spirit of mutual trust, something that is reflected in the more than 6,500 requests for cover that have been submitted over the years.

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Cooperation with European ECAs

As a specialised institution for export finance, AKA pursues a European strategy. It maintains close and intensive contact with the export credit agencies.

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Cooperation with borrowers

AKA provides individual financial solutions for imports from Europe for which European ECA cover has been secured. Borrowers may be either the importers themselves or their banks. AKA’s product range also includes basic contracts.

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Cooperation with investors

AKA has access to a broad funding mix. This is based on its unique shareholder structure, its business model and its diversified investor base.

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