Annual report for 2018

Strong development of new business contract signings and revenues: Despite market affecting conditions 2018, AKA again continued to perform very well in trade finance business with its focus on the emerging markets.

Market developments 2018

Between trade conflicts and sanctions, in times of monetary crises or signals of recession - 2018 was a year full of political challenges for the financial industry.


New business developments 2018

Very good figures in 2018: With EUR 13.5 million, revenues from new business reached a historical high again. All in all, AKA achieved new signings of EUR 2,022 million, which is equivalent to an increase of 31 % compared to the previous year. 



Business development in EUR million

Risk management

AKA manages and monitors its risk exposure with the aim of optimising its risk profile and earnings potential and of safeguarding the necessary risk bearing capacity at all times. With its coherent risk management structures and reinforced personnel base, AKA is well positioned to meet upcoming requirements. Reasonable provisions for risks in lending business were also recognized in the annual financial statements for 2018. All in all, allocations to loan loss provisions came to EUR 14.9 million, while reversals were valued at EUR 10.4 million. 


Guest contribution

„Uncertain times for the global economy – it's time for a clear commitment to the Transatlantic Economic Model“

Prof. Dr. Erdal Yalcin, Professor of International Economics, Department of Business, Cultural and Legal Studies, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences

Earnings position 2018

AKA was able to perform successfully during 2018. ECA business grew substantially. Net earnings from lending business, which is one of the relevant performance indicators, rose by 12.4 % over the previous year to EUR 42.7 million. 


AKA sees good chances for its growth path 2019, although the market conditions remain challenging. One of the background aspects: The AKA loan portfolio is distributed among a large number of countries and regions and cooperating with many German and international banks is helping to create a broader diversification.

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