Our second half of 2022 starts with strengthened management and new organisational structure

Since July 1, 2022, AKA does not only operate with a changed management but also has a newly established organizational structure. Dr. Nadja Marschhausen strengthens the management team as Chief Market Officer. With more than 20 years of experience in Export and Project Finance and as ‘the newcomer’ to AKA’s management, she brings valuable external impulses. As Chief Executive Officer, Marck Wengrzik is now responsible for Strategy and Development, and Frank Zimmermann, who has been a member of the Management Board since April 2022 as Beate Bischoff’s successor, will remain loyal to Risk Management as Chief Risk Officer.

As part of the enhancement, Marck Wengrzik’s contract has also been extended for an additional six years. With the new structure, AKA is sensitive about the right mix of experienced managers with in-depth knowledge of the company and the fresh perspective of a new colleague. We are convinced that the division of responsibilities in the new management will enable us to meet the challenges of the coming years. Stability and change go hand in hand for us, as confirmed by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Michael Schmid, who explains: "The prolongation of Marck Wengrzik’s contract as part of the new structure, with a new role and a changed area of responsibility until 2028, contributes to continuity and stability for the coming years."

Driving dynamic developments while setting anchors with solid structures – it does not have to be a contradiction!

This is also what characterises AKA’s new structure: a stronger division and bundling of expertise, with focus on opportune tasks and subject areas within the three pillars of the organisational chart. All this in compliance with the separations and processes required under supervisory law. We broadened the scope of action for further development of AKA’s DNA without deviating from the path of preserving and perpetuating our historical role. Our resilient business model remains the foundation unchanged. Thanks to this, AKA is able to meet all challenges, including the fast-changing markets, from a position of strength.

Your way to the new organisational chart:

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