AKA interview provides exklusive insights into the Sustainable Finance Committee reporting

For TXF Sustainable Export Finance and Resilient Infrastructure 2021, supporting co-sponsor AKA welcomed a special guest: Karsten Löffler, Head of Sustainable Finance Committee, outlined the most important details and results from the final report of his Committe, right after the release federal press conference on 25 February 2021.

"The German Sustainable Finance strategy – a driver for global harmonization?“, was the title of the AKA session with Karsten Löffler, being also Head of UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance at Frankfurt School. He described the five key action areas of the final report::

  1. Reliable policy framework in Germany and the EU to provide businesses in the financial and non-financial sectors with a coherent, sustainability-focused compass
  2. Integrated, forward-looking corporate reporting where transparency and comparability serve as the basis for sustainable investment decisions
  3. Research and systematic knowledge development that respond to the changing competencies required of those responsible for the regulation, management and supervision of businesses, financial advice and the general public
  4. Sustainability-focused financial products that meet investors’ growing demand for sustainable solutions
  5. Consolidation of the institutional frameworks required to provide continuous support for this transformation process*

The report will serve as the basis for the German Sustainable Finance strategy, which aims to make Germany a leading marketplace for Sustainable Finance. Karsten Löffler talked about two key "ingrediences" here together with Paul Monigatti from AKA-department Platform Business & Digital Innovation. First of all, the Committee believes that making sustainability a key criterion of public bond issues and capital investments would be an especially effective strategy. With respect to implementing these recommendations, the Committee is also calling for an international mindset that is not limited to exclusively German interests.

Listen to the key insights in our recording:



*from: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management: Sustainable Finance Committee of the German Federal Government presents final report. Corporate reporting and information infrastructure are key leveraging factors. URL: https://www.frankfurt-school.de/home/newsroom/news/2021/Februar/sustainable-finance-beirat-stellt-abschlussbericht-vor (04.03.2021).