AKA partners with TFD Initiative

Expanding our partner network: From now on, AKA is a member of the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFD Initiative) and thereby also partnering with International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA), the worldwide trade association for companies, financial institutions and intermediaries engaged in global trade, forfaiting, supply chain and receivables financing. With our growing partner network, AKA steps ahead for developing an open and digital ecosystem.

Being a member of the TFD Initiative includes AKA into the community of major global financial institutions and leading Trade Finance service providers. Empowering our partners as a complementary solution provider is a top priority for us at AKA. We have worked this way for over 65 years within a network of strong banks and companies. The essential foundation for our role as an enabler in the financing and administrative processing of international Export and Trade transactions: close relationship, integrity and trustful cooperation. Already today, AKA is developing into a modern, digital platform for Export and Trade Financing by preserving and updating its historical role.

Way into the future of banking: Digitalisation for new ways of interaction

Mario Messerschmidt, Head of Structured Finance & Syndication, explains: “During the current Pandemic crisis it cristallises even clearer that Digitalisation as being the change of an organisation to more lean and efficient strucures through new ways of interaction is not only unavoidable. It’s the way into the future of banking. In the course of that journey, AKA is developing a digital ecosystem which comprises own developments like the SmaTiX online portal for Export Finance transactions as well as partnerships like the TFD Initiative. Thus, we are glad to become a member of this new intitiative in the Trade Finance market.”

We are looking forward to future interactions with all the members through distribution-specific events and webinars for sharing insights and expertise on strategic market trends and on new technology-based market practices.

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About Trade Finance Distribution Initiative

Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFD Initiative) is an industry-backed drive to create standards for global trade finance distribution. It addresses the business and regulatory issues impacting banks and non-bank financial institutions when distributing or investing in trade finance. TFD Initiative seeks to develop standardised best practices for the wider distribution of trade finance assets. This includes common data standards and definitions to address operational inefficiencies, transparency issues, and risks.

TFD Initiative relies on the insights of its members, which includes banks, institutional investors and trade associations.